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September 1, 2011

Are You Sure it’s on the Page?

Here’s a great article by Craig Kellerman about making your ideas actually get on to the page in a way that a reader can pick up on:

The mind is a funny thing. Sometimes what we perceive to be true is not true. This happens often with screenwriting when writers think that there’s something on the page that isn’t on the page. This malady is not reserved for wannabes. It happens with pros–a lot.

Recently, I was working with a writer who was adapting a classic novel into a screenplay. The project was being supported by the art division of a major studio. One of the characters, a key one in fact, (in the novel) had always been a bitch. Not just an ordinary bitch, but a real bitch–we’re talking Joan Crawford, Leona Helmsley.

After the first notes meeting, the studio (typically) wanted the writer to “soften” this character. Dutifully, the writer acquiesced–too much. Studio pressure can be formidable.

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September 1, 2011

Quote of the Day: Beth Brandon

Opening your imagination to the ridiculous opens your mind to what you’re not otherwise seeing. In other words, it makes room for the genius to come through.