Script: Horrible Bosses


Here is the script forĀ Horrible Bosses. This one was written by Michael Markowitz with revisions by Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daly.


One Comment to “Script: Horrible Bosses”

  1. Thanks, LA, for posting this. “Horrible Bosses” is easily the flat-out funniest comedy of the past five years. The only other film I can think of that even comes close is “The Change Up,” also starring Jason Bateman. Can this guy make great choices, or what?

    Any aspiring screenwriter could learn a helluva lot from reading this preliminary script a few times over. No, it’s not the shooting script, but an invaluable, object lesson in just how much screenplays can morph from page to screen.

    All best,
    John Fogarty
    Author, The God Key

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