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March 21, 2013

50 Best Opening Scenes of All Time has put together a wonderful list complete with video clips of the fifty best opening film scenes of all time. This list is Not America-centric, so you’re sure to come across several foreign films you haven’t seen. Look over the clips and’s review of each and get inspired to write a groundbreaking opening scene of your own.

Here are the top five films on the list:

5.) “Touch of Evil” (Orson Welles) 1958

The nearly wordless opening shot of Orson Welles’ other other *other* masterpiece is arguably more famous than the film it portends, a 200-second tracking shot that begins with an adorably old-fashioned bomb being planted in the trunk of a car, and ends with a bang (and a kiss). A self-contained (but not self-serving) masterpiece of cinematic suspense, the elaborately choreographed tracking shot is made all the more impressive by how firmly it anchors the nihilistic noir that follows. It may not be the cinema’s most impressive long shot anymore (thanks, “Russian Ark”), but it’s still the most perfect (except for that whole Charlton Heston in brownface thing). – DE

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March 21, 2013

Quote of the Day: Joe Eszterhas

Screenwriters are supposed to be neither seen nor heard. I certainly violated that rule. Among others.