Quote of the Day: Judd Apatow

America fears the penis, and that’s something I’m going to help them get over.

One Comment to “Quote of the Day: Judd Apatow”

  1. There is a double standard in Hollywood but it’s a reverse. The penis (even erect) is OK to show on film. The vulva (or god forbid, the clitoris or vagina) is strictly off limits. Women for decades have decried that actresses have been exposing their boobs, butts and bush throughout the history of film, while only a few actors have shown their penis. For the record, I have all three of the female body parts listed above. The only body parts that are totally different are the genitals. Making the above comparison is beyond ridiculous. In the past three decades well over a hundred penises have been on display in mainstream movies, while a total of zero vulvas have been seen in a 2 to 5 second well lit medium to close-up shot, or any shot for that matter, including Basic Instinct. I challenge Judd to take up the real challenge, ending “America’s real fear…the exposed vulva.” However, I doubt he or any other Hollywood writer, director, or producer would even attempt to take on this ground breaking challenge and have to deal with the threat of an NC-17 rating from the MPAA. Prove me wrong, Judd. The balls in your court…ahhhh, I mean…hmmm, come on, let the cat out of the bag. (I left this post on another site as well, not sure if that is OK. Is it?)

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