Selling Your Script

Loglines, Querying, Coverage, & Agents

24 Tips for Pitching Your Script

Practical Advice for Finding an Agent or Manager

How to Win a Screenplay Contest

Loglines for Specs that Sold in 2012 (& What You Can Learn From Them)

How to Talk to Hollywood (and Be Taken Seriously)

Getting Your Script Read: Send Queries

What Agents Have to Say About Loglines

The Art of the Query Letter

Discounts on Recommended Script Consultants

Why You Don’t Have to Worry About Protecting Your Script

Writing a Killer Query Letter

Logline Writing Basics

The Pros and Cons of Script Coverage Services

A Few Reasons to Give Script Consultants a Shot

7 Tips for Securing an Agent


Script Analysis

Video: Story-Mapping Iron Man 3

Blade Runner – Go Into the Story

Bridesmaids – Go Into the Story



How to Make Screenwriting with a Partner Easier

Event: The Great American Pitchfest

Save the Cat! Story Structure Software 3.0

Where to Write in LA

Classic Cinema Online

Free Online Master Class: Charlie Kaufman


The International Screenwriter’s Association



The Descendants



Martin Scorsese’s 85 Films You Need to Watch

The Highest-Grossing Screenwriters of All Time

Stanley Kubrick’s 10 Favorite Movies

5 Greatest Screenwriters of All Time

50 Best Opening Scenes of All Time

John Steinbeck’s Six Writing Tips

10 Rom Com Truisms

50 Dead Giveaways That You’re an Amateur Writer

Joss Whedon’s Ten Rules of Screenwriting

Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling

10 Best Revelation Scenes

101 Greatest Screenplays Ever Written

15 Films to Watch This Halloween

Top 10 Script Monologues

Steven Spielberg’s Curriculum

15 Films You Shouldn’t Attempt to Emulate

15 Movies that Changed Film Forever

Top 10 Cult Films

10 Writing Tips from the Great Billy Wilder

10 Tips to Get You Writing



Politics, Love, & Screenwriting: A Conversation with Steve Faber

The Script You Can’t Not Write: An Interview with 500 Days Scribe Scott Neustadter

Summer Flops Leading to a Film Industry Implosion?

Video: Game of Thrones, Mad Men Showrunners on Creating Emmy-Winning Television

Learning from the Masters: An Interview with William Goldman

Talentville: Taking Up Residence in the Virtual Screenwriter’s City

Choosing the Right Screenwriting Competitions

An Interview with Frank Pierson, Scribe of Cool Hand Luke

Writing Movies for TV: Interview with Rick Suvalle

Know the Rules, Then Bend Them: Ben Ripley on Source Code

An Interview with Master of Story, Robert McKee

Close Up on Bob DeRosa, Writer of Killers



Roger Ebert: A Definite Thumbs-Up

If an 89-Year-Old Man Can Write Romance Novels, You Can Write Scripts

What Hollywood Bought in 2012

The 2012 Black List

Don’t Blame Batman

The Beauty of Film

The 2011 Black List

The Black List – Why it Matters

Why Do Bad Moves Get Made???

ScreenwritingU ProSeries: Is It Worth It?

Pitchfests: Are They Worth It?

Stay Away from Amazon Studios

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