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May 24, 2011

Why Do Bad Movies Get Made???

As writers, we’ve all asked it. Hal Croasmun of ScreenwritingU weighs in on this most frustrating of topics in the following article:

Have you ever wondered why bad movies get made? I mean, it is hard to believe that some movies ever made it past the first reader, let alone making it to the screen.

Here, I’m not talking about movies like “Jackass,” because liking a movie like that is just a matter of taste (or no taste). I’m talking about movies that should have been good, but were either boring, illogical, and had flawed stories.

With the huge budgets, these movies have all the resources to be amazing entertainment experiences, right?

So how could they fall short like that?

Before I answer that question, let me clarify one thing. Even with bad movies, there are hundreds of people behind the scenes who have worked their hearts out AND have done a great job on their part of the project. I respect their talent, creativity, and hard work.

This isn’t about blaming anyone or even putting down the process. It is just about understanding the cause and what it might mean to you as an up-and-coming screenwriter.

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