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August 22, 2011

Because Robert McKee Said So: Notes from the Master

I recently participated in a free teleconference put on by the ISA with the legend himself, Robert McKee. Robert had a proliferation of valuable advice to dispense over the hour-long Q&A session, and I did my best to take notes on what I found to be his most interesting points. Here are some highlights:

  • Robert was repeatedly annoyed by questions about the “biggest” mistakes or the “best” way to do something because he doesn’t believe in pre-packaged writing tools. (However, he did indulge the group with some examples of “big” mistakes, “better” ways, etc.)
  • One major mistake that beginning writers tend to make is being impatient. Don’t put an explosion on the first page and then go back and explain what happened in subsequent pages. It’s sloppy storytelling and experienced readers won’t be impressed. Take the time to establish your characters and your world in a beautiful way.
  • On the topic of mixing genres, Robert said that mixing genres can help dimensionalize characters – if all they do is fall in love, they’re not going to be an interesting character. We also mix genres to try to create a film that hasn’t been seen before. Everything has been done – no one is going to invent an entirely new genre. Robert thinks that innovative films of the future will come from writers merging genres.
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June 15, 2011

Discounts on Recommended Script Consultants

The International Screenwriting Association recently suggested this list of script consultants. If you’re a member of ISA (which simply entails signing up for their newsletter) you can get a discount with many of these consulting services.

I personally haven’t tried any of these services, so I can’t vouch for one over another. As always, do your homework and find the one that makes the most sense for your script and your budget.

“Sell Your Script to Hollywood!”
Writer/producer and USC professor Paula Brancato offers one-on-one script consultation and industry coverage.  An investment banker and music industry CFO, Brancato has successfully developed hundreds of scripts and raised over fifty million for independent film and entertainment projects.

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Active industry professionals to help you!
The Happy Writers is a script consulting service consisting of hand selected consultants that are active industry professionals. They range from high profile producers, directors and respected script analysts. Not only do we simply consult, but we will help any writer with a well written script find an agent, manager or put their script in the hands of numerous production companies


The Script Broker®…. expertise and access is key
 It’s all about access. You can’t sell it if you can’t get someone to read it.  I’ve developed a large professional network who respect my bar of excellence.  If your project is ready to go, or you’re willing to put in the elbow grease to get it ready, I’ll help get YOU and YOUR project to my contacts on your behalf. / / (323) 655-2225 
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Free $25K Contest Entry with CI Script Analysis!
Top-rated Coverage Ink, run by “Creative Screenwriting” industry expert Jim Cirile, is the place for the best priced, most thorough and empowering script analysis out there. Submit your script before July 31, you’ll be entered into our $25,000 Writers on the Storm contest free! Visit for all the deets.
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Got Movie Ideas?
Endorsed by Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning screenwriters, MSNH! helps catapult your movie or TV show idea into the marketplace — with guaranteed industry feedback! From coverage to pitching, we can do a little, or we can do it all!
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You’ve spent the time and money writing your screenplay.  Now give it a fair shot at Hollywood!
There are many ways to skin a cat and now even more ways to get your script to Hollywood.  Get it ready with a Script Consultation by “Top 5 Consultant” Melody Jackson.  Then create a Script Marketing Campaign to get it to Select Hollywood execs.  Smart Girls has helped writers since 1992.  Call today:  (818) 907-6511 or email
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Have you made the #1 screenwriting mistake – sending out your script before it’s ready?’s a premier screenwriting consulting firm run by producer/script doc David Kohner Zuckerman. David’s uniquely qualified for this work as he actively produces movies including the recently wrapped “The Fourth Noble Truth” and “All I Want for Christmas.” David also runs VPF – the only site that enables writers to pitch Hollywood Pros with a guaranteed response back.  His ScriptCoach Special includes notes + a query letter + 10 free pitches from 


DAVID FREEMAN – Script Consultation
 All writers, even the very best, can get blind to the faults in their own scripts after rewriting them over and over again. Sometimes it takes a very trained and talented outside eye to bring a fresh perspective.
Expect a lot more from David.  He won’t just spot the weaknesses in your script that can destroy a sale — he’ll roll up his sleeves and give you ideas on how to fix them.

May 3, 2011

More Screenwriting Events in LA

It seems that May is the month for screenwriter gatherings.

The International Screenwriter’s Association is hosting a free “mini-camp” on Tuesday, May 17 from 7:30-9:30pm in Santa Monica. The session is entitled “The Two Levels of Rewriting.”

Here’s what the invitation says:

After pouring dozens of hours of ideas and sweat into your first draft … no one likes it. It’s confusing, it’s incomplete, it’s not special. You have to admit … even you don’t like it.

Part of that is because it’s a first draft. But part of that is because there are so many common first draft problems that writers without training and education make over and over again. But with Tools and an understanding of the full development process and the work ahead, you can shorten your re-writing and create an effective early draft.

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April 11, 2011

Recommendation: The ISA

*Note: Sites and services that I choose to recommend do not compensate me for my recommendation. These are simply resources that I have found helpful.*

The International Screenwriter’s Association is a great free resource for aspiring and working screenwriters. The site includes helpful articles, writing gig listings, contest info, lists of production companies and agencies, information on upcoming screenwriting events, and more. Check it out.