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November 15, 2013

Martin Scorsese’s 85 Films You Need to Watch

Rick Tetzeli of Fast Company recently shared a list of 85 films that Martin Scorsese thinks every serious filmmaker (screenwriters included) should watch. The full list is in alphabetical order on Fast Company. Below are the films from the list that we have scripts for:

Apocalypse Now: This Francis Ford Coppola masterpiece is from a period when directors like Brian DePalma, John Milius, Paul Schrader, Scorsese and others had great freedom–freedom that they then lost. 1979

Born on the Fourth of July: Produced by Universal Pictures under Tom Pollock and Casey Silver, this Tom Cruise movie (directed by Oliver Stone) was an example of how that studio “wanted to make special pictures,” says Scorsese. 1989

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