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January 27, 2012

Script: Tower Heist

This script for Tower Heist was written by Adam Cooper & Bill Collage.

January 10, 2012

Script: War Horse

Here is a draft of War Horse written by Lee Hall and Richard Curtis based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo.

December 16, 2011

Script: Warrior

Here is the script for Warrior provided by myPDFscripts. This script was written by Gavin O’Connor, Anthony Tambakis and Cliff Dorfman.

November 3, 2011

Script: Point Break

Surfing bank robbers And Patrick Swayze AND Keanu Reeves?? How can you go wrong?

This draft of Point Break was written by James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow.

October 12, 2011

Script: Moneyball

Here’s the script for Moneyball. This script was written by Steven Zaillian and the great Aaron Sorkin based on the novel by Michael Lewis.

September 30, 2011

Script: 50/50


50/50 was written by Will Reiser.

September 27, 2011

Script: The Hurt Locker

Here’s the script for The Hurt Locker, the Best Picture of 2010. This script was written by Mark Boal.

September 21, 2011

Script: Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

One of the great films of all time and a great read. This draft of The Empire Strikes Back was made available by myPDFscripts. The script was written by Leigh Brackett and Lawrence Kasdan from George Lucas’ story.

September 8, 2011

Script: The Debt

Here’s a draft of The Debt, made available by myPDFscripts. This draft is written by Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman and is based on the 2007 film by Assaf Bernstein and Ido Rosenblum. Enjoy the read!

August 25, 2011

Script: Conan the Barbarian (2011)

myPDFscripts made this draft of Conan the Barbarian available. It is written by Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer.