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April 7, 2011

Rom Coms: Convincing the Audience Your Lovers Belong Together

This recent article from Billy Mernit begins with a rom com truism: “The primary challenge lies not in creating obstacles to keep the couple apart, but in convincing the audience that these two people truly do belong together.” Billy continues:

The current box office hit that you’re not supposed to like – because it’s an Adam Sandler movie – is nobody’s idea of a great romantic comedy.  In fact, due to its derivative pedigree (based on a movie based on a play based on a French play, no less), the project sounds more like the “xerox of a xerox of a copy of a movie” decried by this sobering screed that’s lately been giving Hollywood screenwriters insomnia.

So sue me, but I found parts of it to be LOL funny, despite the usual trademark Sandler homophobia, racism and misogyny, and in terms of What America’s In the Mood For right now, I totally get why it’s doing well.  It’s a tan-bodied, creamy, candy-colored bright shiny object of a movie that’s just sharp enough, at moments, to transcend its retro stupidity and revel in entertaining Guilty Pleasure silliness.  It’s also the best thing Jennifer Aniston’s done in… well, it’s nice to see her in something watchable. 

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