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September 17, 2013

35 Reasons to Write (or, Why We Do What We Do)

Every day I post a new quote about writing. The quotes come from famous screenwriters, novelists, poets, and each writer has different ideas about the craft of writing. But there’s one thing that they all agree upon: Writing is hard work.

No one gets into this gig because they think it will be an easy way to turn a quick buck (or if they do think that, they’re quickly corrected.) So why do we write? What could possibly possess us to sit down in front of our laptops or notepads and suffer day after day?

There’s no single reason, and your reason might change from project to project. Whatever you’re working on today, if you’re having trouble getting motivated, here are just a few reasons to push forward.

Reasons to Write

  1. Because someone’s paying you to
  2. Because no one has paid you to yet, and you’d like that to change
  3. To get better at it
  4. To share your story
  5. To exorcise your demons
  6. To express an opinion
  7. To prove something to yourself
  8. To explore a new idea
  9. To see what you’re capable of
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September 6, 2013

Quote of the Day: Andrea Arnold

I can’t remember why or how I started writing, but I think it was always a way of making sense of the world.